is a reference to the ones who hold a close part in my heart. Giving me a small dose of their love, their affection, their attention. Their dose gives me an euphoric feeling, much like a drug & when I lose someone in my life, lose that dose of drug they gave me, nothing ever will ever compare to the drug they dosed me with. Into my life they were injected, we have made a soul connection.

I hadn’t seen you in awhile,

I hadn’t wondered either what it be like to see you again,

I knew I never would.

But there you were,

you looked exactly how I remember, except your

Confidence was at its peak.

You seemed at peace, I gasped for air.

You approached me, a slight chuckle, and your infectious smile.

Your hand grazed my arm,

shivers down my spine.

"I hope you’re doing well"

A shake in my voice,

I hope you didn’t notice.

"I am" 

A rush, 

a rush of blood to the head,

tenderness took over me.

As I stare in awe,

I watch you wander away,

trickle in the dust.

As I begin to contemplate,

contemplate the beauty I just witnessed,

I awake.

This entry was inspired from a powerful dream I experienced this pass week. My grandpa who has been gone for several years, appeared in my dream, it was as though he was checking up on me. It by far has been one of the most powerful dreams I’ve ever had, I felt so connected to him. After I awoke and told a few friends about my dream it dawned on me that the anniversary of his death is in a few days.